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Ranking the 6 God of War games from worst to best

This is not the God of War you know. The developers at Sony Santa Monica took a risk with this game, and it paid off. They could have made another hack and slash God of War game similar to III, but they decided to spice things up, and it worked out for the best.

Jaw — Dropping Visuals God of War is a stunning, ambitious and top of the class game and is just a technical marvel overall. The amount of detail to the overworld and the character models is honestly just breathtaking.

While playing this game I was utterly engrossed by everything, my eyes were wide, and my jaw was always dropping. The visuals and technical work in this game are unmatched, and the team over at Santa Monica Studio really set the bar really high.

god of war - original video game soundtrack 2xlp

I compared the character model in this game to God of War III, and the number of improvements was just incredible. Of course, this is a current generation game while God of War III is the last generation game, but comparing the two and seeing the improvements was great and it showed me just how much technology has advanced since then.

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The opening scene in God of War was advanced yet straightforward. When I first pressed the X button the game went straight from the menu into the game with no loading screens and with no camera cuts. God of War shows us that technology has improved so much within these last few years and will only continue to improve.

A Fantastic Soundtrack The soundtrack in God of War is fantastic, rivalling soundtracks from other critically acclaimed games like Shadow of the Colossus.


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