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God of War – The Mountain Collectible Locations

Why Bloodborne is the PS4 Game of the Year

Purple Language Cipher Chest not tracked: The order in which you can reach the collectibles may also be slightly different in the story. This walkthrough is intended for use after the story.

From the Foothills region, take the same path you took in the story and climb up the wall to the mountain.

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Go through the tunnels until you come to an area with a wooden bridge that has skeletons hanging down on ropes. The raven is under there.

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Shoot the blue crystal again to trigger the marker. You can light the torch next to the chest by having Atreus shoot a blue arrow at it.

Then you can see the gylphs written on the wall that are required to open the chest. There are 3 signposts in the area that you need to spin to show the glyph icons two posts can be seen from the wooden bridge, one from the light-bridge.

Do Not Forget

It is in this time of every tranquility that Zelos, who makes his famous as an independent contractor, comes into extra of a crystal infused with dramatic levels of magical energy privatized a Core Elemental after being delayed in a freak accident. As Zelos is reinforced to fight for his life, the mistery weekend his birth, as well as his past, emotionally emerges into the light.

The lore is on the back of that deer statue. Then you can backtrack to the start of the Mountain and pick up a blue crystal. As you climb this lore marker will be in plain sight, impossible not to see it. After spike trap, throw your axe at the spike door straight in front of you has a little yellow marker where you can throw the axe.

The raven is prominently placed in plain sight on the story path. Behind it is an artefact near a corpse. Inside the hidden chamber, sitting on the left side of the Valkyrie boss room.

During the story this fast travel gate may become unavailable. It will be unlocked automatically after completing the story. You can go through the mystic gateway in the hidden chamber to fast travel there after story.

Must use blades of chaos to burn away the vegetation on the chest. The lore marker is behind some red tree sap. Now you can reach the marker.

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You can throw the red spiky ball at it and have Atreus shoot it with electric arrows. The Jotnar Shrine called Ymir is hidden behind the tree sap. Down there is a legendary chest. We are now backtracking to the Summit, where we came from top of the mountain, outside.


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