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God of War - Return to Tyr's Temple, Return to the Mountain and Go Back Through the Tower
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Note that more of the area cannot be accessed until later in the game. Nornir Chest [ edit ] This chest can be reached the very first time you arrive at the Lookout Tower. In fact, it is dead ahead when docking the boat.

May 1,, Once you're free to explore all there is to offer on the Lake of Nine, you'll likely head to the various towers and landmarks shrouded in the mist. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic find the 8th one as there isn't a Jotunheim tower for the last brazier. Mar 2,, Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for God of War. With the Jotunheim Tower back in the realm of Midgard, the path to the highest mountain Head across the newly aligned bridge and buy any last upgrades you need before.

Instead of breaking three seals to unlock the chest, you must ring three bells. The three bells are encased in spikes, which must be lowered to ring.


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Throw the Leviathan Axe at the orange wooden spinner to lower the spikes. The first bell is to the left of the chest.

god of war muspelheim realm tower - how to get on top

The second bell is to the right of the chest. The third bell is to the right of the chest at the top of a waterfall.

Last tower god of war, ‘god of war’ muspelheim and niflheim cipher collectibles guide

Ring all three bells quickly so that they all ring at the same time to unlock the chest. When the seal is broken open the chest to find one of nine Idunn Appleswhich increase your maximum health. It can be found directly to the right of the Nornir Chest, on a dead body covered in spikes. To lower the spikes, hit the orange paddle above so you can retrieve it. Treasure Map Near the water in front of the Nornir Chest.

Odin's Raven Location [ edit ] Looking above the Nornir Chest, you can find a glowing green raven circling the area. It can be hard to hit at your location, so head up the nearby ledge towards Vanaheim Tower to get a better arc.

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