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The making of god of war

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Sony releases its 'God of War' making-of documentary on YouTube

And it all seemed worth it when the game debuted to accolades in Apriland then won Game of the Year at The Game Awards in early December. That was validation for a lot of work over the years in the re-imagining of what was an aging Sony video game franchise. I caught up with Barlog recently, after enough time had passed the creative director at Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studio could step back and talk about the process of making the game.

Apr 22,, An upcoming documentary, "Raising Kratos" looks at the five year long effort that was the making of "God of War," PlayStation announced.

The creative director was candid about the hard work, the self-doubt, and the restarts that happened on the project. We talked about a lot of things. But this excerpt focuses on the process of making God of War.

The making of god of war, ‘raising kratos’ documents the making of ‘god of war’

Dean Takahashi GamesBeat: I was a little confused about how much time you had on it. Five years is the total time from when I got back. I came back in June We released in April of But I was thinking about the game a little bit before that.

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But five years was the overall process. That process was—I had done God of War, where I came on for the last two years, and it was a pretty intense last two years. Then immediately I had to jump into writing and directing the second game. I had about a week to a week-and-a-half break in between those two games.

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