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God of War Valkyries Locations - How to Beat the Valkyries and get the Valkyrie Armor

Discovered in the River Pass. Kara can summon additional level 4 Draugr for Kratos to deal with, which are more of a pain and distraction than a challenge, especially as the fight drags on and Shield, Speed, and Ranged Draugr starts getting thrown in.

Deal with the Draugr in bulk, using runic AOE attacks to make quick work of them so you can continue focusing on Kara, and the Blades of Chaos, even if they do less damage, can ensure all targets get hit and taken out. Be sure never to take your eyes off the Valkyrie so you can be ready to parry or dodge at a moment's notice.

May 1,, God of War's Valkyries are among the toughest enemies in the game. Eir, Geirdriful, Gondul, Gunnr, Hildr, Kara, Olrun, Rota and Sigrun are.

If you have Atreus' arrows upgraded as well, you can make swift work of them using him as an assist - Shock Arrows with Chain Lighting work wonders here, as does Runic Summons that hinder or damage foes in a wide area.

Thankfully, almost all of Kara's attacks are blockable, some of which can stagger you like Gunnr, although her scythe attacks have no follow up, and her wing slices don't end in an unblockable jab.

She can however lift into the air and either toss several magical circle blades at you that angle - making it a wiser choice to block than dodge - or she can prepare an unblockable fast circle that flies straight, but you can dodge to the side.

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Wait for her to come to you and be ready to block and parry any and all incoming attacks, and redirect them at the Valkyrie if you can. Enchantments that give you perks when you parry are also useful here given the amount of opportunities you'll have to make use of.

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Discovered in the Foothills. Level 6 for a challenging fight, or Lvl.

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This Valkyrie employs a varied amount of attacks taking some cues from both Kara and Gunnr, but puts her own spin on things by rapidly darting around to changeup attacks. She has a great many unblockable attacks you'll need to watch out for, which she can quickly.


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