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Florence historical soccer game

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Calcio in Costume: the most important historical event in Florence

There are four teams identified by color and representing the four historical neighborhoods of Florence: The game is played every year in june, with the 2 semi-finals in the second or third weekend, and the final on the 24th of june.

The final takes place on Saint John the Baptist day, the patron saint of Florence. The gamefield is controlled by one referee and six linesmen. The rules There are only a few rules to follow.

Fights and rucks are common ways to stop opponent players. Each caccia counts 1 point but a failed caccia will give half a point to the opponent team.

Florence historical soccer game: calcio storico fiorentino, the historical football of florence

When a player is injured or expelled no substitution is provided. Take a look at the video I shoot last year to get an idea!

During the Renaissance this sport was so popular that even Lorenzo the Magnificent used to play it. The match of The present historic football tournament commemorates the famous match that was played inin defiance of the imperial troops of Charles V, as Florence was under siege. All the present costumes remained true tho those ones that were commonly worn in the Every single person in the parade is representing a specific role of the Republic of Florence of The parade is followed by a flag throwing show performed by the city team, Bandierai degli Uffizi, one of the best groups in Italy.

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The prize For the match of the prize was a calf of chianina: The only prize for the winners will be a nice dinner with bistecca alla fiorentina, of course: The draw The teams that will have to face each other in the semi-finals are selected with a draw on Easter morning. In piazza Duomo, just in front of the Cathedral, the bishop will draw by lot the teams, then a blessing for the player is followed.

The field.

This Barbaric Version of Soccer Is the Original Extreme Sport


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