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List of god of war games by release date

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March 22, Platforms: PlayStation 2 The original game was released in with a former Spartan general, Kratos as the protagonist.

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He is on a revenge mission against the God of War, Ares, following the loss of his wife and daughter. The rage took him from Athens to the Cliffs of Madness.

Jun 30,, Contents[show] Chronological order of the God of War series God of War: Ascension Main article: God of War: Ascension God of War: Chains of Olympus Main article: God of War: Chains of Olympus Set Mobile Games. Apr 18,, But which is the best of Kratos' bloody escapades to date? Ahead of the It had a tough act to follow, releasing in the shadow of God of War III, which definitely didn't help. It's still a What do you make of our list? Do you. Dec 30,, Which one of Kratos's adventures wears the bloody crown? time of under four hours sees Chains of Olympus bound to the foot of our list. hallmarks and was one of the better releases of the PlayStation 3's twilight phase.

This is a very worthy start for what will be a very successful, bloody, and funfilled franchise. While the is story perfect, the gameplay is close to that except for the insufficient boss characters that the game comes with. March 13, Platform: PlayStation 2 For those that believed the first game in the series was everything, God Of War 2 was even a much better game that had a greater adventure and a more engaging storyline.

At the same time, the gameplay is even stronger as well. The storyline continues from the defeat of Ares by Kratos who this time around, is pretty much the God of War.

His battle is against the God of other Gods, Zeus.

Betrayal Release Date: June 20, Platform: The game this time around, sees Kratos being accused for killing Argos and now the gods are against him. A 2D game, it is rather impressive what Javaground and SOE Los Angeles have been able to do with the game, but as a result of the limitation in technology, this does not fall anywhere close to the best games in the franchise as a result of the gameplay.

Someone more advanced in story, more used to this kinda games. Theo is a great addition and such, but you can t be good in everything right.

Chains of Olympus Release Date: March 4, Platform: We are taken back to events prior to the original game where Kratos has a duty after ending the invasion of the Persians by killing their king, to find the Sun God who has gone missing in order.


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