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Hitman 2 age rating

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Parents should not let their kids play Hitman and here's why

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Games are complex, long and offer a range of experiences not always evident from the first few minutes. However, with a little research you can find the right games to play and easily avoid experiences that you consider not suitable.

Hitman serves as an interesting example in this respect. Therefore the game cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 in a shop. However, there are some games rated highly by authorities that you might allow your older kids to play - depending on their maturity and understanding of the material.

Parent reviews for Hitman 2, Common Sense Media

Hitman isn't one of those. As good as it is, it is not a game for children.

parents should not let their kids play hitman and here's why

Agent 47's regaled return You might consider caving in to a 13 year-old's demands to download the latest Hitman game, which is available as an episodic download for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And those pleas might intensify when the second episode appears online soon.

Hitman 2 age rating: parent reviews for hitman 2

But while it is a superb game for adults, it is a prime example of where the ratings are spot on so you need to think again. To actually understand the experience offered by Hitman some more details are helpful.

Hitman is of the action adventure stealth genre. Here players control the central character, Agent 47, in various assassination missions.

They play from a third-person perspective and use a variety of weapons and strategies to complete each level - guns, garrottes, traps, explosives and poison can all be used. As with previous titles in the series, this game's story revolves around Agent 47's work for the mysterious International Contracts Agency or ICA and his handler Diana Burnwood.

Carefully examine the ratings The game receives its PEGI 18 rating for "motiveless violence against innocent characters" and "strong language". More information on this is published by the Games Ratings Authority GRA that states "Agent 47 can beat, shoot or strangle anyone.


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